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The clock tower is the most emblematic construction of the city of Cartagena, it’s a place of

attraction for all visitors and it’s not for less, because it was the door that allowed the entrance to

the walled city, if you want to go back in time Boca del Puente is a must if you come to the

Corralito de Piedra.

The Clock Tower was called Boca del Puente, from there began the wooden bridge that crossed

the pipe of San Anastasio and joined the walled city with the suburb of Getsemaní. The monument

is located between the square of the cars and the square of the peace formerly known as slave

market; its construction goes from the year 1601 to the year 1631 at the time that concludes the

total enclosure of what was then Calamari.

Years after the French attack, the engineer Juan de Herrera y Sotomayor decided to build a new

tower with military engineering. In 1704 a gate with three vaults was built, the central and the

highest one that allowed the transit to the city and two lateral ones that served as body of guard

and store of supplies.

In 1874 the tower boasts its first clock brought from the United States and then it was replaced by

a Swiss clock. In 1888 a new restoration was made by the architect Luis Jaspe who notoriously

modified the appearance of the tower with an octagonal design and a gothic style.

Today it’s called clock tower was considered one of the most beautiful clocks in the world

according to BBC TRAVEL, measures about 30 meters high, it’s functionality is completely

mechanical and is a carefully preserved work.

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