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National aviary of Colombia

The National Aviary of Colombia is the ideal place for nature lovers. It has more than seven

hectares. At this incredible place you will see more than 170 species and 2000 specimens that are part of the beautiful bird life of Colombia.

Here you will walk through natural trails among migratory and endemic birds from all regions of the country, even having the opportunity to see the largest flying bird in the world, the condor of the Andes.

How to get there?

The aviary is located 25 kilometers from Cartagena, on the road that leads to Barú. To get there from the tourist area is about 1 hour and 30 minutes’ drive, in which you will pass by the Industrial zone of the city, as well as several afro-descendant villages, such as Pasacaballos, Ararca and Santana.

You can go on a shared tour with other people that departs from the Clock Tower at 7:00am, or in private services, only paying the price of the transportation service and entrance.

CasaXimani can help you find a tour.

What you will see

The National Aviary of Colombia has 21 exhibits and landscapes divided into tropical rainforest, coastal and desert, so in addition to birds, you will see representations of the regional ecosystems of Colombia, and endemic plant species such as the Caribbean Guacharaca. Bird Show: This show has two schedules, at 11:30am and 3:30pm, it lasts 15 minutes. In it you will hear biological information about the birds found there and see demonstrations of their flights.

To take into account

When entering, you will have to go through the ticket office. You can start your tour by following the instructions of the map located at the entrance. Since there is a single path, it is easy to follow.

After 11:30am or 3:30pm, the bird show will not be allowed.

Do not eat or give food to the birds during the tour, if you want to snack you must do it in the kiosks.

Do not touch birds or iguanas.

Avoid dressing in strong colors.

Use only eco-friendly repellents.

How much does the entrance cost to the national Aviary of Colombia?

Adults COP$40.000

Foreigners COP$60.000

Children (2-12 years old) COP$ 35.000

Foreign children COP $50.0000

Students with university carnet COP $35.000

Foreign Students with university carnet COP $50.000

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