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One of the main reasons why it is worth traveling to Cartagena is for its historical and cultural richness, in the museums is represented much of this wealth. In Cartagena de Indias there are about 10 museums, but I have selected 5 of them that you should definitely visit, each one contains historical relics, marine exhibits and priceless treasures of this beloved city.

  1. Palace of the Inquisition

It is known as the Palace of the Inquisition, it was founded in 1924, it is the oldest museum in Cartagena, it contains much of the history of Cartagena, especially the office of the inquisition that was present in the seventeenth century, the inquisition is a system of trial and judgment where they applied torture penalties to all persons who went against the Catholic faith.

2. San Pedro Claver Museum

Its beginning dates back to 1950, this museum is dedicated to honor the memory of Pedro Claver called "slave of the poor", a Spanish priest, who arrived in Cartagena de Indias in 1610, since then dedicated his life to serve, protect and exalt the slaves of the time.

3. Caribbean Naval Museum

It is the most complete museum that Cartagena de Indias has, founded in 1992, it is located in the Plaza Santa Teresa. It is a very interesting museum has 2 rooms, the first contains the entire history of the city since the 1500s when colonization began with the first Spaniards until independence. The second room contains the history of the Colombian Navy, and representative objects such as: submarine simulator, coast guard boat, school ship simulator and a helicopter, it also has an interactive area and an event room.

4. Rafael Núñez House Museum

The Rafael Núñez House Museum honors the life and work of Rafael Núñez Moledo, an illustrious Cartagena native who was part of the golden age. He was four times president of Cartagena, lawyer, journalist, writer, promoter of the constitution of 1886 and composed the lyrics of the national anthem of Colombia.

5. Museum of Modern Art

It is an ideal museum for people passionate about art, opened its doors in 1979, is located in the Plaza San Pedro Claver, this museum houses more than 300 works of art by national and international artists in classical and contemporary styles, among the most outstanding paintings are the works of the masters Enrique Grau and Alejandro Obregon.

By Indira Meza

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