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A Taste Of Getsemani

Right now walking along Getsemani street is very fashionable, appreciating it's streets while enjoying its gastronomy and culture is the coolest plan in Cartagena and the best is that it will not cost more than 10 dollars, if you love gastronomy this plan is just for you, let's start with the tour, let's go!

One of the most popular points is the Arepas ColombiaItaly on San Andrés Street, ( Arepa is a traditional food from Colombia made of corn and they use like bread) there arepas of all flavors and for all tastes, you have to try one, they are Amazing!! Accompany it with Suero (traditional colombian sour cream) and a refreshing Coconut water, you need a lot of hydration to walk the alleys of the neighborhood, so when you feel the inclement sun it will be the perfect time to have it, you find this one in front of Havana Cafe ( Most popular club in Getsemani)

At night do not forget to go to La plaza de la Trinidad, When Cartagena de Indias declared itself a free state from the Spanish crown, the town hall ordered that it be called "Plaza de la libertad" because the incitement of the people and the heroic acts carried out in 1811 were carried out in it.

At Night Getsemani's central square is bustling with activitys every night of the week. Residents and travelers alike sit around the plaza to drink, eat, dance, and generally be happy. The atmosphere is typical of Getsemani: relaxed, bohemian, and much more fun than the walled city. Plaza Trinidad is one of the ideal places to enjoy a cold beer at night in the old town of Cartagena Colombia.

By Indira Meza

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